Refua Shlema Medical PC
   Our practice is located in the heart of Brooklyn, in Crown Heights,  where I specialize in the field of Internal Medicine. As an Internist, I treat patients with a diverse spectrum of medical diseases, including : 
 * Hypertension (high blood pressure) 
 * Diabetes of type I and type II 
 * CHF (congestive heart failure)
 * Heart disease
 * GERD (Acid Reflux Disease)
 * Headaches
 * Anemia
 * Asthma / COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) 
                                           * Thyroid dysfunction and many others

  In addition, I work in Emergency Room of New York Community Hospital, (affiliated with New York Presbyterian Hospital of Cornell and Columbia) where i treat patients with different Emergency problems, such as : lacerations , abscess incision and drainage, treatment of shoulder, finger dislocations.
   In the office we offer:
  • Full medical examination
  • Blood work
  • Vaccination (tetanus shots, Hepatitis B, annual Flu shots, Pneumonia shots)
  • Ultrasounds of : heart, thyroid, abdomen,carotid, aorta 
  • Screening for Colon, Prostate and Breast Cancer
  • Referrals to specialists 
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